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Timba Survey Appexchange

I’ve installed timbasoftware for my org(sandbox) and I need to setup survey when the case gets closed through Force.com Sites.


1)       I’ve created a new Survey.

2)       I’ve created an workflow with criteria and Email Alert with one of Timbasurvey template (Send Using workflow)

3)       I’ve followed the steps 3: Force.com Sites Configuration(step1-81 slides on Profile) and added 4 vf pages and all timba Apex pages etc.

4)       Copied and added the default WebURL into Survey.



When the case gets closed I’m getting email alert. On click of ‘Survey Link’,it’s going into

1)       sandbox login page before show Survey page? Why it’s asking for credential first instead of showing Survey page directly?




1)       Im new to Force.com sites.Is there any other steps I need to include to enable Esurvey through Force.com sites?

2)       In SetUp->Sites->What page needs to be add in ‘Active Site HomePage’?

3)       Do I need to add web Address link from Force.com sites into Email Template for this? How?



Pls help me out…

Thomas Bille RasmussenThomas Bille Rasmussen
You need to make the site public so external users can access it