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Need to create a S-control that will change the field value depending on a task

I need help, or a syntex, i want to create a S-control that will change the status of a lead, depending
on a task, for example if i create a log a call task then the lead status sould be changed to connected.
Download the latest version of AJAX tools (its free) and study the section on CRUD...that is the best way to learn data manipulation through s-controls...

This is very common to other s-controls we have built for our clients.
A simple solutions is to build an inline s-control on your lead that queries related tasks for one where a subject = "Call" and if found updates the lead status.  I recommend you add an if statement at the beginning to make sure that the s-control only runs when that status has not already been updated, this will also allow you to optionally refresh the page upon update.
The main issue with this type of s-control is that it runs every time you view the lead rather than when you actually create the task.  A more precise but complex solution would be to create an s-control that displays a custom new task form that when saved both creates the task and updates the lead.
thanks for you comment,
I tought about : when saving the task update the related lead,
Do i need to use a code? or a formula in the s-control?