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executing s-control on pageload

I want to validate some fields whenever it is saved or updated.I want to use s-control to validate data whenever page is loaded because triggers cannot be used in unlimited edition.Do we have any option of executing the script in  S-control whenever page is loaded or submitted instead of manually clicking a button or link.
Do i have any other alternative to do this .
Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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I assume the standard validation rules do not meet your requirements!
Here is how you can do this:
Write an S-control - type=HTML,   which performs all your validations on the load of this <body onload="youFn()"
Next, add this to the page layout as inline Scontrol. And this will be executed on every load.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. But as i want to do data validations upon saving and modifying the data,will this s-control with page load be useful.This s-control will get loaded whenever we click new and in detailed page.How this will be useful for my data validation.Do i have any other option to validate data with out using triggers?
There is an override option in setup, but the save button is not supported.

The only way to do this is with validation rules for now, then triggers when they go GA.