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Flow and Visualforce like in the Video

Hello every one. I just finished creating a new Flow and would like to show the records as they are being created to the right of the flow (split screen) like I have seen in a few different videos  


Currently I have just the Basic VF page. 


<apex:page tabStyle="Lead">
<flow:interview name="New_Lead"/>


Thank you in advance for your help. 


You need to do 2 things..

1. Create a custom controller. THis is needed because the only way to get data (in the form of variables) from a flow is through a controller.

2. Use the information from the flow to display the record details..


Here is a sample VF Page:

<apex:page sidebar="false" showHeader="false" controller="myAutoInsuranceController">
<flow:interview name="Auto_Insurance_Quote" interview="{!myAutoFlow}" finishLocation="{!nextPage}"/>
<apex:detail subject="{!myID}" relatedList="false" title="false"/>


Notice that there is a custom controller caleld "myAutoInsturanceContoller" and the details of the record created in the flow is displayed using the <apex:detail> component.


Here is the Contoller code for this:

public class myAutoInsuranceController {

public Flow.Interview.Auto_Insurance_Quote myAutoFlow { get; set; }

public String getmyID() {
if (myAutoFlow==null) return '';
else return myAutoFlow.vaLeadID;

public PageReference getNextPage(){
PageReference p = new PageReference('/' + getmyID() );
return p;




Notice that the method getmyID gets the ID of the lead in the variable vaLeadID.


When the VF page renders the the detail pageit will call this method to get the leadID.


Hope this helps..