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a Flow called from a trigger?: possible?

I have some complicated logic I'd like to represent with VPM. When the status__c of the object changes, I'd like the trigger to do the VPM - analyze the situation, send email notification to various people, and mark that they've been notified.


There would be no human interaction. {I haven't checked to see if it's possible to write a flow w/o user I/O.}






This something we are working on now - exposing a logic only flow via an API - apex or workflow action. We call it headless flows. I cannot give you a specific release though! 

Doug YeagerDoug Yeager

While you are at it, make it so the flows can be triggered via a workflow rule also.   (this would effectively replace the need to code triggers in APEX).


Mikhail MalamudMikhail Malamud

Any progress on these headless flows? And I agree with suggestion above on firing flows from a workflow trigger


Spring is right around the corner, even though we haven't had our first serious snow fall here where's it's cold ...


Any chance this could appear in Spring? The implications of this ability are staggering.

Mikhail MalamudMikhail Malamud

Here is how we temporarily solved this problem. We included the flow in the Visual Force Page. Made page available in a site. So whenever we need to hit the flow, it is just like invoking an http request.