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Dynamic Choice Picklist Values

Is there a way to get a dynamic choice to show ALL values that are possible in a picklist without having to have a record with each value or manually creating each choice every time a new picklist value is added?



1) Flow_Picklist__c: Values= Good, Bad, Ugly

2) 1 Record with the Flow Picklist filled in with Good.

3) The Dynamic Choice only brings back Good, not bad and/or ugly.

4) I create each of those three picklist values as an individual choice.

5) I add a value to the picklist field

6) that value does not show up in the dynamic choice so I have to manually make that value a choice.

7) repeat steps 5 and 6 over and over again.


Is there a way to not have to do steps 4-7 and make step 3 add all choices?


Not sure I understand your question. Are you trying to get a Screen Choice field map to picklist values of a field in SFDC ?


Yes. and right now only values that have actually been selected in a record make it into the flow. I want all possible choices in the flow without having to manually recreate every choice.



Did you find any solution for this? I am facing the same issue.


thanks in advance!!






Dynamic Choice shows you the current actual value of a field on a particular set of records based on your filter setting. There is no way to query the picklist values for the field itself in Flow right now. If you want to present choices to the end user, you must manually create each of the choices in Flow.


In other words, if you add a picklist value for a field in SF, any Flow that has Choices set up for that field must be updated to add that Choice wherever needed.


I believe Rajaram has this functionality on his radar for future updates.


I am trying to do this.  Is this possible? Can you map a Screen Choice to picklist values of a field in SFDC?


This feature would be so helpful if added.

Tracy KeelingTracy Keeling
The Current solution is to create in salesfore a custom object and create records for each value in the picklist, you can then build a Dynamic choice to look up these records in the custom Object, I use this all the time it works well because it means that you do not have to amend the flow to add or remove values from your picklist you simple add / delete or amend the values in the records on your custom object.

Note of caution though ensure that the wording is exactly the same as the values in the actual picklist as otherwise this will effect any reporting on the pisklist information pulling back to slightly different results.