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A button on a account screen that allows u to update fields on that account screen using flow slides

Hi all this may be the most basic thing ever but I am new to flows and have trouble with look ups can never get them to work after multiple attempts :S


What I want to do is;


have a button or a link on my account or opportunity screen that when clicked lets my users update fields that are defined in the flow screens, once they fill in the requirements they click finish and that account or opportunity they clicked the button from is updated with the new details.


I am trying to do this as atm in my business there is lots of change and our company and opportunity screens are very cluttered, if I could do this it would save time drastically and would be extremely helpful in the feature 






when making the button you need to use something like this " /apex/[FlowNameHere]VF?id={!Account__c.Id}&AccountIDVar={!Account__c.Id} "


The "AccountIDVar" is the variable in your flow where you are storing the ID of the record on your Account so you need to make that variable first if you have not already.

J Roge.ax1108J Roge.ax1108

Thanks buddy I will work on this all day till I get it working :P

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I think am getting stuck on setting up the variable what options to select in it to make it work, any pointers pal :P I will keep playing round with it in the mean time :)


If you click on the "Resource" Tab in the Flow builder and select Variable all you have to do is give that variable a name and make it input and out put. Keep it text and default blank. In that button code example I gave you put that newly named Variable in place of the "AccountIDVar" and put the name of the Visual Force page that references your flow in place of the [ ]. If you are doing this on an object other than account you replace accout with that object name.


Full Example: You are doing this for object XYZ__c. and you have a Visual Force Page that refences the Flow TestFlow and the VF page is called TestFlowPage with a Variable called xyzID.




J Roge.ax1108J Roge.ax1108

Thanks again pal I think I have done this but will start a fresh from a  new flow, will let you know when I succeed :D


Love it when the communiuty pitches in to help! After all that is the definition of a community right? Thanks RKDT!