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List of Opportunities in Flow, one-by-one

Though I have played around Visual Flow, this particular requirement is taking too much time to solve.


The requirement: Opportunities of logged in user, should be shown one-by-one, sorted based on a Opportunity Score field. Opps for logged-in user can be solved using Sharing Settings. But here the critical one is to, show the next opportunity.

For eg: I have 5 Opportunities - Scores 1,2,3,4,5. I need to show Opp with score=5 first, then after 'Next' button is pressed, Opp with score=4 should be shown and so on..


Is this really possible in Flows? Please suggest.


So is the intent to do somehting for each of the opportunities?

You can indeed do this using the sort feature in summer relase where you can sort by score field in a dynamic choice and defining a loop.

Does this help?


Couple of issues:


1. Though I sorted on a number field(score), nothing seems to effected. It still shows a record that has least score.

2. Close Date of opportunity is wrong. It shows a date which is not in any of the opportunities.


If you need I can send screenshot of the same.


Just noted that, date is shown by decrementing one day. 


So I added a Display text comprising of variables and screen input fields. After running the flow, the ‘Screen Input Fields’ are not being updated, hence showing the same data for different opportunities, whereas ‘Variables’ are being updated for each opportunities (which in turn is a default value for screen input fields). Problem with this is, they are display text, meaning they are read only. 


My actual doubt is - can we show a list of Opportunities, sorted on a field, one by one? When the list ends, it should show 'Finish' button.