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Flow & DupeBlocker: get them to play well together?

We have DupeBlocker installed in our Salesforce instance. It works fine and as expected for all of the standard Account & Contact record creations that we do.

I have a new flow that I am making which contains a 'Record Create' node in the flow layout that creates a new Account record. This works fine for unique records that don't trigger DupeBlocker, however if I create a record that causes DupeBlocker to trigger, an exception is thrown saying "An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow". I've successfully added a 'FAULT' branch to my flow, which will bring up a screen of my own where I can show an error message, but what I really need to do is for the system to show the same DupeBlocker popup that users get with the standard Account record creation.


Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing or have any kind of suggestions on how to attack the problem?


Thanks in advance.


-Matt Beitler
Chatham Financial




So here is a little bit more color on this problem. I had actually found a potential fix on the crmfusion website, but it does not work for my situation. Here is the post I found:


This fix recommends adding a <apex:pageMessages escape="false" /> tag to my Visualforce page, however the <flow:interview> appears to ignore that setting.


I’ve included the source of my Visualforce page below. I’ve also tried placing the apex:pageMessages definition with an apex:pageBlock as well as a few other scenarios without any luck.


Does anyone have any other suggestions?


-Matt Beitler

Chatham Financial



<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="AccountCustomPageController" >








    <apex:pageMessages escape="false" />




You may want to try handling the duplicate before it gets to the record create. Depending on your DupeBlocker scenarios you may be able to catch most of the duplicates just by checking on a few key fields such as account name, city, state, and maybe phone number. Once you do your duplicate checking within the flow, you can then either continue down the record create path or if it does find a duplicate, you can then present the duplicate to the user and then continue down a different path from there.


Hope this helps get the wheels turning if it doesn't work exactly for your situation.