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Edward chanEdward chan 

How to edit the page?

I don't know how to edit the relevant page when I am doing the below steps.

"1. Just as you did when you created the page, add the text /apex/CountSheet to the URL for your Salesforce instance.
2. Modify the attributes of the <apex:page> tag and enter the following code to remove the standard stylesheet, the header,
and the sidebar.
<apex:page standardStylesheets="false" showHeader="false" sidebar="false">
3. Now you need to tell the page where to find the stylesheet, so add a new line below the first <apex:page> tag and type
4. The editor has code insight, which gives you a drop-down list of the elements that are available in this context. Start typing
stylesheet and when you see apex:stylesheet, select it.

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In the address bar of your web browser, after logging in to salesforce.com, change:






Where xx is the server's name, then press Enter/Return, or click Go.


You'll see an error page saying that the page does not exist, and offer a link for you to click to create the page automatically (assuming you have Developer Mode enabled for your profile). Then, follow the remaining steps.