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How to manage guest users in ecommerce sites


I am new in salescforce.


I want to create ecommerce site using force.com site not using any provided in app exchnge.


I have a doubt how to manage guest users while shopping.


I read about customer portal but it will allow only authenticated users to do shopping.


What in case if i want guest user to do shopping as well , how will i manage session for guest users.


If any one can help me in this.




I would suggest the following - not sure how feasible it would be for you to implement:


When a user chooses to shop as a guest user - ask for Basic contact information - create a contact and mark this contact as a Customer Portal user.


This user can then shopping - once he is done shopping and ready to exit the cart - end the transaction by deactivating this customer portal user so the lincense can be reused.




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Hi arosys

I suggest using a cookie for a guest user's session.

If you're still having trouble getting all the pieces for eCommerce together, you might find the Venue application useful.

Venue is a native eCommerce app that’s built entirely on Force.com; it turns Salesforce into an eCommerce platform. You’ll use the products, prices, accounts, contacts, etc. from Salesforce to run the website/store and all your sales and transactions are recorded in your Salesforce database.

Venue works with Salesforce Sites and Customer Portal (and Communities). Guest users can browse products, add them to a shopping cart, and complete purchases (i.e. make payments) all without requiring login/authentication. (Venue supports login/authentication via Customer Portal / Communities, but it is optional).

Venue is a full-featured eCommerce solution. You can fully customize your eCommerce website, process credit card and PayPal payments, get integrated tax and shipping modules, and advanced product management and discounting features.

You can learn more from the Venue website:


And from the Venue AppExchange listing:


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