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Intranet on FDC



I have a requirement to build an intranet site for one of  my clients. The main requirements are - 

1. authenticated website with a rich look and feel; different users could potentially see different contents.

2. strong content management capability

3. Contents are mostly read only, a few forms are to be present on the website


I have evaluated force.com site, company community, site.com. Looks like force.com site, with a content management solution like cmsforce 2 or Orchestra, using customer portal license is the best choice.


Any suggestions please.





If these are employees of the company, you probably won't get portal/community licenses, as those are intended for third parties.


Salesforce are rolling out company communities for exactly this purpose. Although its early days for this, you might want to talk to the client's AE and see if they can get on the pilot.


Hi Bob,


I thought communities were already released on June 16. Or is "Company communties" a different product?




Its a different product, in that its aimed at internal users rather than customers/partners etc.  I have a recollection of it being intended to be available towards the end of this year, but to be honest I've no idea where I heard that so it could be my memory playing tricks.


Thanks Bob. There is a lot of confusion about this. I know Virgin Airlines has implemented this. Not sure if they were on some sort of pilot.


I stressed on this question many times with our Sales rep and they told me that the communities product is the same and we can implement it internally and also let external users log in as well.


The SF page for communties mentions that it can used for Employees also.


For the first time, customer companies will be able to quickly create and deploy a custom community to connect with customers, partners, employees, and products, allowing you to address every business need on one platform. Plus, custom communities are mobile and open.



I really wish we could get some sort of definite answer.


My understanding is that communities has 2 products - salesforce communities which is aimed at customers and partners (hence seems to be replacing existing customer portal and partner portal) AND company communities which is aimed at employees (suitable for intranet). Unfortunately this is in beta with no documentation available on the net. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Vikash...Thanks...Its sad to see this amount of confusion. Even I am have found conflicting information regarding "comapny communities".

I did not get good information from my Sales rep.