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Site guest user cannot access Chatter APIs :(

Hey guys,


I thought that the primary selling point of Force.com sites is creating public web pages where you can display data to users without requiring a login where our VF pages could be accessed by the Site guest user provided we gave the right object access to the guest user profile.


We want to display a custom object and its chatter feed and we need it to be read only. I thought this will be possible but it turns out that the Guest user does not have access to the Chatter APIs.


Has anybody else run into this problem? We are hoping to avoid having to ask the users to login.

Any thoughts on this problem would be much appreciated.




Hello Calvin,


Unfortunately it is not possible to provide API access to guest users. I would suggest following work around for this issue:


1) Create a custom object "ChatterFeeds".


2) Create a Schedulable job which processes records in ChatterFeeds object.


3) Schedule the job to run once per hour or as per your requirement.


And now your guest users can access this custom object.



Hi Vinita,


Thanks for the reply. We were aware of this solution but were hesitating to use it because of the storage overhead.

I am trying to see if I can perform a login within APEX and use the session to make the API calls.




This repo might be worth checking out:



I believe they had the same challenge - they wanted to interact with Chatter from a Sites page - sounds they took a similar approach to the one you are trying...