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Authenticated Website high-volume portal user license and move to Customer communities




Can someone please explain to me how the introduction of communities affects users. My Salesforce sales rep is saying that after July 31, the authenticated website users will be discontinued and you have to switch to communities. this does not make any sense to me as the communities functionality is not relevant to Can anyone please provide whatever information they might have. Customer community licenses as opposed to authenticated website licenses are about 5 times the cost for functionality that i dont want. All i want is authentication.


"The Authenticated Website high-volume portal user license is specifically designed to be used with sites. Because it's designed for high volumes, it should be a cost-effective option to use with sites."


Thank you for your help.




My understanding is that the licenses are only being discontinued for new orgs - older orgs that already have those licenses will still be able to purchase more.


However, the AWS was simply a high volume portal license that was intended to be used for a site - you still had to set up a portal that your users authenticated against, but you didn't show them any portal pages.  The customer community license is the new high volume license, and each community includes a site that can display site  and pages. If this is a new org, you have no choice but to buy the customer community license - if its purely for a web site I'd expect your AE to be able to cut you a deal that takes that into account, but I haven't been through that process myself yet.


I am going to buy AWS users in my second org just so i can be grandfathered in. This definitely ruins my future plans with however, unless I am completely missing something. What was lost in my opinion was a low setup cost for new apps. What is gained is that people with less technical skills can get a social site up to share with their customers/suppliers/etc.


As per:


Given my knowledge of the switch, it appears to me that in fact Salesforce is killing They are focusing on selling a social platform to larger corporations and moving away from their desire to be a PAAS and compete with Google, Amazon, Azure, etc. This will make it impossible for new developers to setup a cheap/free app on if they intend to offer any authentication. Maybe they are trying to push people to Heroku???

@Adam it sure seems like they are pushing us somewhere other than salesforce proper!  The communities pricing is so incredibly high as compared to AWS / HVPU.  For all custom external UIs I feel like using a virtual server  (Amazon, etc) or simply the customer's web server and integrating it in via the API is the only cost-concious option they've left.   Were the CPU cycles being generated by HVPU licenses really that costly to tank such a helpful aspect of the platform?!