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Need Help in writin SControl to automatically update standard field based on a custom field value

I need to update Amount in Opportunities automatically with a custom field value "Estimated MRR", with API Name "Estimated_MRR__c". Any pointers on how to do this? I am new to salesforce, and trying to learn.
Thanks so much!
u can create a formula field or write a workflow field update

It has to be the Opportunity standard field, Amount, that is updated with a custom field.

I wrote the following in the SControl, but it does not work, any clue what I might be doing wrong?






Does the fact that the Amount field rolls up from Opportunity Products "Total Price" have any restriction on the scontrol. This client does not use Price Books/Standard Price, but just uses the Products for a repository of information on Products.

Opportunity Products also has a custom field called Estimated MRR

So, possibly, the trigger must be written at the Opportunity Product Level, where Sales Price is updated with the value in the Estimated MRR field.

Thus, total price will be updated, and Amount in Opportunities will be rolled up.

How does one write a trigger and especially, this trigger? Please help!

Hello Nerv123,

I am not sure if they are but if your client has Products added to an Opportunity it instantly makes the Amount field Read Only. You will not be able to write any data to that field. What I have seen in the past is to create a custom object that mimics the Opportunity Product. This way it will allow you to add products to an Opportunity and then update the Amount field. The main issue with this is that it makes the mail merge feature for Opportunity Line Items to become unavailable. You will not be able to create mail merge documents that include them.