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amit mittalamit mittal 

How to assign Today date and time in a custom field by Scontrol

I want to assign current date and time to Cutom field of a custom object using Scontrol .
Issue is  user-org time zone may be differnt from the machine from where he is accessing his org.
So if I will use Java script date() and getDate and getYear method , I will get time and date for that machine .
so how can I get date and time which is pesent in his org
as format for date time datatype is "2008-05-21T20:03:00.000Z"  how can I convert todays date and time in this format as it also includes some 000Z .what is mean by this here ......
Greg HGreg H
Create a JavaScript date/time variable and assign "{!NOW()}" to it.  That will get the current time/date for the running user and allow you to manipulate the variable in any way you desire.