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Looking for Print to PDF and Attach Solution

We use the Print Anything appexchange product to render complex quotes in html.  My users currently print to a pdf, save locally, return to the quote they launch the print from and attach the local file.  We would like to accomplish all of that from the browser with one click.
Has anyone seen or created a solution to do this?
- Thanks!

Yes, you can accomplish hat by leveraging Astich with PrintAnything to create pdf files with one button click.
The app is on the AppExchange. Check it out.

For example you can create a button on your opportunity that pulls all the information you want to create your quote in a pdf.
It will require some custom  xml and xsl.

Hope that helps.

Yes.  CloudPDF HTML will do that too. http://www.salesforce.com/appexchange/detail_overview.jsp?NavCode__c=&id=a0330000002eTi8AAE   Sounds like you already have the HTML quote page.  From an HTML page, you can name, create and attach back to Salesforce.com a PDF with a single button click.