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Override "New" Button for Accounts

We want to exclude all but administrators from creating New Accounts. I created a simple S-Control (I'm not a "real" programmer) and did an override on the New Button on the Accounts Home Page. The message simple tells the user that only the Admin can create an account and instructs them to do such and such.

Works fine, but...

I have also effectively overridden my ability as Admin to Create a New Account! I have seperate Account Page Layouts for Users and Admins but that only affects the Detail Page.

so maybe a better way to ask the question is:

Can I (and if so how) take away the ability of my users to create New Accounts while at the same time not locking myself out?

Am I missing something obvious here?
Well, you can check on the user's profile before you block the creation.

Another option would be to do this in a validation rule on Account.  Same idea -- check whether the account is new and then check the profile.  So an example validation rule would be:

    NOT($Profile.Name = 'System Administrator')

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Hello Megachuckmc,

If you are Enterprise Edition you could also clone the user's profile and then remove the Create permission. This would be the cleanest since they would not even see the New button.
Of course!  Sometimes the simplest answer is the least obvious.  TCAdmin makes a great point there.
TCAdmin and Werewolf
Thanks for your help with this.  It really was a case of my not seeing the obvious!
What I did was turn off Account Creation in the user profile and created a Custom button on the Account List called Create New Acccount which redirects the user to a window that tells them basically:
"You can't do this... but click on this link (which launches an email) and give me the info and I will create the Account for you..."
Now if I can just figure out why the LINKTO function will fill out the mailto: but not the Subject line of the email as it says it should???
{!LINKTO("New Account Request", "mailto:sfdcadmin@infinera.com?​​subject=New%20Account%20Request") };
It would also be nice to be able to put some static text inside the email body, presumably if I can get the subject field populated the email body should be doable also.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated
And thanks again for your wisdom!
Actually how that mailto link is interpreted depends on your email client.  Some just ignore the querystring.