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Salesforce integration with SAP ByDesign

Does anybody have any resources on integrating with SAP ByDesign?  We will want to send Accounts, Product Information and Orders to Salesforce.  We want to send Orders to SAP ByDesign.  We need real-time integration as each transaction occurs so any type of batch processing will not work.


I see that this is the link to the SAP ByDesign SDK: 


It seems like you can create web services in Microsoft Visual Studio and then deploy them to SAP ByDesign so they can be used.  Are there 'out of the box' web services available with SAP ByDesign to integrate with standard objects in SAP byDesign without having to create new custom web services?


Is SAP PI supposed to be utilized in any manner with SAP ByDesign?   From what I have read I think the answer is no.


I am very comfortable with all of the integration details on the Salesforce side.   I am just trying to figure out how to connect to the SAP ByDesign data.



Christophe RaixChristophe Raix

Dear Terry,


We work in my company on same kind of project. We use an ESB from MuleSoft.

The hardest task is mapping fields. SAP provide us a WSDL file but there is a lot of fields that we can't map.


There is no reference guide on SAP integration.


Have you news since your last comment ?


If you want, we can share our experience and find solutions.


Have a good Day, 




Thanks for your comments.  Using MULE ESB looks like a good option.  We do have a pretty simple integration that we are looking to implement so even a point-to-point solution would work for us.  What I would love to see is something like the following for pushing data to SAP ByDesign.


1) Where is the WSDL?  I want an answer like:  Go into SAP ByDesign, click on this menu, click on this menu, download your WSDL after you select your object.   Or go to this help web site for SAP ByDesign and click on this menu to get your WSDL.

2) Where is the documentation about this WSDL?  I know that the WSDL will list the fields and data types, but how do these fields map back to the user interface in SAP ByDesign?

3) How do I setup an API User with SAP ByDesign?   Are there some best practices around setting up a user whose password does not expire and who needs special integration permissions?

4) Are there any best practices for making calls to this WSDL work effeciently?   The integration I am looking at is not that transaction intensive so it really just has to work, but I would want to know of any special circumstances to watch out for when pushing data to SAP ByDesign.




Terry Luschen

Jerome MorgadoJerome Morgado

Hello Terry,


1) You should ask SAP for the WSDL. SAP sent it to me.

2) Don't kown. I'm looking for it too.  Regarding the datatypes, you'll only have (int, bool, or string), nothing about size.

3) Just create an account on SAP. Don't kown about password expirations, we will see when we will in production.





Jerome MorgadoJerome Morgado

Hello Thierry,


I just call SAP and i have news for you :D



1) For the WSDL they are here :    "Manage Application & users > Service Explorer", then select you service ( Ex : Ask Accounts > FindByElements )

And after you can D/L the WSDL file ( on the top, you have Download the WSDL )

And you can have the documentation of the WSDL ( on the bottom, you have   service documentation ). You need to allow the popup


2) On the documentation page, the first view full description show global variables ( 1 = create, 2= edit, etc.... )

Then you can view each API functions


3) To see the logs, they are in "Manage Application & users > Commercial comunication follow up", then select the error and the error message is in the bottom left of the page





Tat YuenTat Yuen

There's a native app from SKYVVA that integrates with SAP through Dreamweaver PI.  


It's a Native Salesforce app (download from AppExch) and you can map must just about any field.


Integration can be bidirectional and works with PE, EE, and platform licenses.

Robert HuddlestonRobert Huddleston

I too agree MuleSoft is the way to go... We are using MuleSoft for SalesForce integration

Hi Robert,

We are also trying to integrate Mulesoft with salesforce. I have question.

By mentioning MuleSoft for SalesForce this the salesforce connector provided by Mulesoft  you are using?