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How To Use Functions / Expressions to set a variable



In my Flow (cloud flow designer) I have a field to collect a piece of data. In many cases the value provided by the user may exceed 23 characters, which is completely acceptable for the field initialy used to collect this data. However, I have a 2nd field that I need to collect from the user and this field needs to be limited to 23 characters...  I have a VR on this 2nd field preventing entering more than 23 characters which is working just fine...


The problem is that I want to grab the first 23 characters from the initial field to default a value in the 2nd field. The user would then have the option to keep the "truncated" value or modify it before proceeding.


I've tried to:


Use assignment: varSecField | equals | Left(!InitialField},23)

which renders "Left(!InitialField},23)" instead of "This Should Be the Resu"


Use assigment w/TextTemplate (ttTruncField) reads as Left(!InitialField},23)

and the assignment is varSecField | equals | ttTruncField

same result as previous


I even tried to set the default for the varSecField to L(X,23)

same result again.


I tried to use a formula:

if(LEN(InitialField)<24,1,0). And so far this expression works for the decision, but still doesn't offer any ability to truncate (left fill) my new var.


I'm sorry, but this has me baffled... Can someone help me get this item resolved...