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Udaya BhaskarUdaya Bhaskar 

Best practice info needed on UAT & System Testing

Hi All,
We have Sandbox and production systems and configured the requirements in sandbox system. We are already in the process of replicating the same in Production system. Can some one tell us where should the system and UAT Testing be performed ? We are assuming that system and UAT will be done on production system.  Please share us the best practice followed and relevant info on the same.
Thanks in advance.
     If you are starting the project you must have full funcational apps in both places in the sandbox as well as production salesforce environment.In my opinion,you must do unit testing in the sandbox after unit testing you must roll out the project to the production.
In my opinion ,you have to do unit testing in the sandbox then after rolling to the production QA must ensure the quality.This way you can maintain the project in both places and also it will help in the maintaince phase where changes can be done in managed way.
usama rasheed