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Standard fields

 i have one doubt,pls anyone clarify me as early as possible.my doubt is every object(like cae) has some standard fields(like subject,Description,Priority,etc) ,when i create the pagelayout  automatically these fields are coming but no way to remove the fields from the layout but these are unwanted for me.how can i void these fields in my layout.this seems to be small doubt but in many cases giving the problem.
In the "Setup" screen, you should be able to find your standard object under the "Customize" node and select the field from that standard object's page layout.  The only fields which you cannot remove from the layout are the ones with stars next to them (a.k.a required fields)...

You want to look for fields that are bold. Those fields can't be removed from the layout; they're required by the system to operate normally or are universally required and can't be removed without removing this property. You can remove all other required fields (assuming they aren't universally required, but then they'd be bold). Removing an optionally required field from the layout will remove the page-layout-required property, but can not affect universal requiredness.

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