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Calling S-Control from Workflow

       can anyone tell how we call a S-Control from Workflow ?
thanks in advance.
No you cannot execute an S-Control from a workflow.

In fact, you can "call" it with outbond messages using a URL like : https://na3.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=<S-Control id>

But, an S-Control only works using client-side execution (ie HTML/Javascript).
An outbond message calls an URL and that's it. In order for an S-Control to be executed, the web page needs to be open (as it is client side execution). With outbond messages, the url is only called server-side, the web page containing the S-Control is not opened at the client side.
Thank you
                  This really help us.
Would it be possible to call such a control on page.unload()?
I need to insert a record into a opportunity-related list (It's holds the values of certain fields on save).