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Advance Currency Mangement (Dated Exchange ConversionRate)


   i am just considering to use the advance currency management option enabled in our application.As in our organization there are many different currencies used Dollar,Euro,AUD,Canadian Dollar,Pound etc.

Currently Salesforce is using current exchange rate for all the currencies.But i want to track the currency according to the date but i have read in the Salesforce Documentation that

"Dated exchange rates are used for opportunities, opportunity products, opportunity product schedules, campaign opportunity fields, and reports related to these objects and fields. Dated exchange rates are not currently used in forecasting, currency fields in other objects, or currency fields in other types of reports. ACM functionality may be extended to these areas in future releases. "

I wanted to know in Summer 07 release, Salesforce is supporting all the currency fields or not  with respect to date when Dated Exchange rates are enabled in the Salesforce(.i.e All Custom Objects currency fields will change or not with the date specified in the Dated exchange rates.)

We need this feature to enable but on the other hand we have done lots of customization and done custom calculation in custom objects.Will they effect and also reports?.

Waiting for reply.............. 

You've really answered your own question-- it won't support custom object currency fields, only the ones listed in the quote that you copied. You'll have to submit a feature request or wait until it's expanded to work with all objects.

~ sfdcfox ~


Thx for replying.Actually i wanted to find a way to use this feature in custom objects.Because it is very important feature as far as muti currency exchange rates is concerned.We are willing to use this feature but on the other hand this feature as mentioned in the documentation does not support custom objects so  my question is how to use this feature if the organizations has already  done customization and used custom objects in the Salesforce CRM?