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Basic question to we-to-lead


I don't know if i'm right here but i would like to collect more lead information for existing leads with a web form and i'm not sure if i'm able to do that and how.
the idea, we have a lead XYZ, we send XYZ an email, asking him to provide more info bout himself. He'd click on a link and provides an extension on the lead info we already have. Would that be possible? How would I do that? Or could anyone direct me to the right forum if i'm wrong here?
Thank you!

This probably is not the right forum for this question.  This forum focuses more on s-controls and functions run from within salesforce whereas the 2nd form your client visits would be hosted on your website.

There are probably several ways to accomplish your goals, the most common probably being an integration between salesforce and the database your 2nd form posts to.  If you don't have a database to post to, you could also look into some partners who already have tools built for this purpose, such as clicktools and modelmetrics.