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Vanessa BarrosVanessa Barros 

Public read on account and convert Lead

Hi all.


I have a question about the partner portal.

I have "public read" on account on OWD and i have a custom profile for an user parter portal based on Gold Partner that i gave acess to "convert lead" and create/edit account/contact/opportunity.


when i try to convert the lead to an existing account that is not mine (the owner is not mine), i have an error of permission: "You do not have the required permission. To continue, you must have the 'Edit' permission on accounts "


Can you help me please? tks




This error arise because you set the OWD access on account object is "Public Read" you should set as "Public read/write" access for account.



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Vanessa BarrosVanessa Barros

yes but i dont want they to write on accounts that are not their.



Do the portal users actually "own: the accounts, meaning they are the owners? If not, and it sounds like no, you will have to create sharing rules to share the accounts with the specific partners that require access.


Without knowing more detail about your sharing model and specific needs it is hard to specify an apporpriate solution.


Another way to accomplish this is to write a VF page for the portal users and use code to do the conversion thus bypassing the sharing model. But you would have to be vbery carefule in its implementation to ensure the results do not compromise the security level that you need.

Vanessa BarrosVanessa Barros

yes the accounts are not their own. but if i made a sharing rule only to read..hum.. it will be the same that i have today?

there is something strange about tha standard procedure "convert Lead", i was reading about it but it never was mentioned but the convert lead modify the existing account, but the lastmodifieddate and by is updated with the person that convert the lead.


If you share the accounts, you can sepcify to give them write access vs just the public read.....


I believe that is the only way you will be able to do this short of writing custom VF and controller code to have system mode do it for you as the user has to have edit or create access on account when converting a lead.