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System admin Profile

Hi Friends,


I have system admin profile assigned to couple of people in the company.Another user has been added to the system and assigned system admin profile.Can I make changes to the system admin profile for this particular user and let him have access to the less objects or other information when he logins whereas allowing other users to have access to all the system admin information(With no rectriction to them)?.







In salesforce  you can not change the standard profile accessibility, for this you have to create custom profile of system administrator profile then you change the accessibility.





Nazeer AhamedNazeer Ahamed

Probably you need to go for custom profile.


Att he same time creating custom profile for each person is not recomemded - maintanance issue down the line.


Explore Permission sets: https://login.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/perm_sets_overview.htm


Hope this helps