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CMS - what works best?

I am seeking community feedback on the best CMS solution to use with our Salesforce account. We are building a very large website, with standard functionality, and need a CMS to create pages and forms. Which systems exist that can be used with Salesforce (and/or Force.com), are they any good, and which are recommended? All feedback gratefully received. Thanks - Steve_at_Battersea


I would suggest you to go for site.com. Site.com is a Web content management system (CMS) that makes it easy to build dynamic, data-driven Web pages quickly, edit content in real time, and manage your websites.

For further details please refer following help documents:



Is it possiblt to create a CMS through site.com.
Whether site.com is used to create a CMS or a website?
Peter RooneyPeter Rooney
OrchestraCMS is the only CMS 100% native to the Salesforce Platform, we specialize in Public Web sites, customer and partner communities and Intranets. Feel free to contact me with specific questions or help with providing solutions for you and your customers
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Hello  Everyone,

Please Go to this link may be it helps you.
Glam-Up your Force.com Site With CMSKUL