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Move data from one custom object to another using S-Control or VF Page

How can I move data using VF or S-Control from one custom object to another custom object ?  I want to set up a condition or a button which when clicked would copy the field values from one custom object A into custom object B. I want a automated process which pre-populate fields which need not be re-entered.

Hey Anusha,

Here's some sample S-Control code:

var srcObj = sforce.connection.retrieve(
    "Id, Name, Custom_Field1__c, Custom_Field2__c, Custom_Field3__c", 
    "Source_Custom_Object__c", ["ID_OF_THE_SOURCE_CUSTOM_OBJECT"]);

var trgtObj = new sforce.SObject("Target_Custom_Object__c");
trgtObj.set("Name", srcObj[0].get("Name"));
trgtObj.set("Custom_Field1__c", srcObj[0].get("Custom_Field1__c"));
trgtObj.set("Custom_Field2__c", srcObj[0].get("Custom_Field2__c"));
trgtObj.set("Custom_Field3__c", srcObj[0].get("Custom_Field3__c"));

var saveResult = sforce.connection.create([trgtObj]);
alert(saveResult[0].getBoolean("success") — "Operation Successful" : "Operation Failed");


I hope this hepls!

Thanks for replying.
Hi Soof,

I am trying to do the same thing execpt I want to take data from the Case object and copy it over to a custom object.  Here is my code that I placed as a S-control trigged by a detail page button on the case.  What am I missing or am I missing the entire boat?

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
<title>Copy Data From Convereted Lead</title> 
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript"> 

var srcObj = sforce.connection.retrieve(
    "Id, Employee_First_Name__c, Employee_Last_Name__c, Address_line_1__c", 
    "Case", ["Case"]);

var trgtObj = new sforce.SObject("Employee__c");
trgtObj.set("Employee_Last_Name__c", srcObj[0].get("Employee_Last_Name__c"));
trgtObj.set("First_Name__c", srcObj[0].get("Employee_First_Name__c"));
trgtObj.set("Street_Address__c", srcObj[0].get("Address_line_1__c"));

var saveResult = sforce.connection.create([trgtObj]);
alert(saveResult[0].getBoolean("success") — "Operation Successful" : "Operation Failed");


 Thank you for any help,



I'm far from an expert, but it seems to me you're CODE looks like you're using "production" version of the Ajax toolkit

For example,:


However, in your header you reference the "beta3.3" toolkit. Under the beta toolkit, the approach to requesting similar function would be quite different.

If you want one of the non-beta toolkits to be used, I think you need instead a header reference to something like "/soap/Ajax/13.0/connection.js"