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Best way to accomplish dependent picklist for counties using S-controls?

I only have a rudimentary knowledge of JavaScript (mostly related to basic DOM manipulation) and am not 100% certain if an S-Control would resolve the problem I'm facing in Salesforce at the moment.  But here goes....

My company recently changed territory alignments from state-by-state allocations to allocating by groups of counties.  As you can probably guess, this made creating territory rules MUCH more complicated, given that there are currently 3,141 counties in the United States.  After getting through some initial problems we were eventually successful.  (Thank goodness formula fields can be made criterion!)

However, now we are facing data validation issues with incorrect/misspelled county names.  The obvious solution would be to create a dependent picklist for counties.  However, with the limitations on picklists, it is not possible to insert all 3,141 counties in a dependent picklist.  It is also not feasible to create 50 different dependent picklists (so each state is considered) because that would seriously screw up our page layout, and require a reworking of our custom field for Counties.

The solution to me seems to be some sort of S-control that gets around the picklist limitations.  We're already using the Address Edit S-control SFDC has in the AppExchange for basic address validation.

I'm just not sure if it would be best to try to hamstring counties into that Address Edit s-control, create a new s-control for counties alone, or even if an s-control would be the best solution for this problem.

Any advice... much appreciated!  I'm trying to get an idea about where I should go with this that doesn't involve purchasing a third-party product.