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Can SControl execute APEX code?

Dear Fellows,
Can a SControl execute APEX code or SalesForce query language?
I wish to render all the Leads and Tasks of the currently logged in user into a SControl

Message Edited by Farrukh_5 on 04-17-2008 02:56 AM
Scontrols can invoke apex code using the ajax toolkit's built in support for invoking an apex web method. No direct server side support for invoking apex code is planned for scontrols - visualforce will be replacing scontrols over time and visualforce already has full support for server side binding to apex code via the page's controller.
Thanks i am on the AJAX Toolkit tutorials now... :smileyhappy:
This question should go to some other place ... but I could not help asking it here.
I am new to Flex. Everywhere I see Flex cab be integrated with s-control.
Can the Flex be integrated with VisualForce?