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Opportunity bridging 3 objects with S-control - possible?

Here's the problem I'm running into - I'm trying to get a custom field on the opportunities detail section to populate with the associated contact's first name. However, nothing I've tried has worked.

I've tried using contact lookup field, and referencing the contact table once that field is there, but no success. Formula fields don't work either.

Even the S-control I tried to build didn't work using {!Opportunity.Contact__r.FirstName}. It just says that the field doesn't exist.

If I create the lookup and users actually link the contact, then the custom formula fields will populate data from the Contact table - I'm trying to eliminate this manual entry.

Any suggestions?
If the above isn't possible, I just need to get this link to work somehow (it's pushing data into our interal store):


I need to have the contact information (Phone, Email, First & Last Name) related to this SPECIFIC opportunity to push through.

If it can be done with ANY of the objects to accomplish all of this, let me know!
You realize that Opportunity does not have a built-in lookup to Contact, right?  That’s why your Contact__r thing wouldn't work.  It does have the Opportunity Contact Roles table.

If you want it to have a direct lookup to Contact you can add a lookup to Contact and do this in a simple formula field.  If not then you'll have to wire your Scontrol (or better yet, your Visualforce page) to pull the proper contact out of Opportunity Contact Roles and construct your URL.