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john bondjohn bond 

log phone call with Open CTI

Hi All

I am using Open CTI for the integration.

I want to log a phone call in salesforce so that it shows up in all call center reports.

If I use

sforce.interaction.saveLog(object:string, saveParams:string, (optional) callback:function)


  1. What will be the object name (PhoneCall)?
  2.  how do I associate it with a record so that it shows up in conact activity history 

please suggest 

RAJ K.ax936RAJ K.ax936

Please find the example from salesforce


sforce.interaction.saveLog('Account','Name=NewAccountName&Phone=4155551212', callback);

 You can view full sample here http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/api_cti/index.htm


HI john 

Sorry if my question is stupid

Do you have any external adapter which can interact with your softphone layot? In my understanding open cti can't talk with the telephone network.In my understanding we can integrate the adapter with softphone using canvas.is my understanding right? If yes how can open cti interact with this adapter ?Do u have any code samles with u?