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rekha sharmarekha sharma 

Oracle web services Integration with salesforce

Hello All, 


Can anyone help me in identifying if there any oracle web service API exposed for integration with salesforce.

If yes where i can get more details? 

If no can we create web services at the end of oracle and expose them for salesforce is that feasible.






rekha sharmarekha sharma

Hello Vinita,


Thanks for your reply.


Actually  I am looking for information if the oracle web services are available to make callouts.

it is  basically development part so appexchange/middleware is out of scope in this case. 


for example : there are several google APIs available to make callouts either free or paid.


else is there any feasibility to create webservice at the end oracle exposed for salesforce.







Hello Rekha,


Yes you can integrate either via SOAP API or REST API. Please refer the following guides for more details:







Hi All.

Even I am looking for the same. I have to integrate salesforce with Oracle EBS and OBIEE through webservice. please help with some information or blog on it.  Thanks a lot in advance.