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I need a Workflow Rule to run on all records once a day automatically?

I've just started working in the Force development platform and need to have a Workflow rule run on all contact records once a day to send an email reminder to sales people when a date matches the frequency they want to re-contact the prospect.


I want to have this date field checked daily on all prospects and if it matches today's date send the salesperson an email with basic conact info and then update the date field by adding the number of days specified in the frequency field to todays date.

I can get all of that done in the Force platform if I change the date field manually to today's date, but I want it to check all the Prospect records automatically and compare the Trigger date to Today().

I downloaded Cronkit but I don't have any experience with Apex (I have done some programming in ASP in the past) and don't know how to construct the custom batch job that Cronkit requires.

If someone has a sample of code that works in a similar way, or can tell me how it might be done without an add on like CronKit, I would really appreciate, I would really appreciate the info.




To create the workflow rule that updates a case field on an inbound email: 1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules and click New Rule. 2. Select Email Message as the Object the workflow rule applies to and click Next (note that Email Message will only be available if email-to-case has been enabled in the org). 3. Enter a name for the workflow rule and select when it should be evaluated. 4. Enter the following criteria to enable the workflow rule to fire when an email is inbound: * 'Email Message: Is Incoming' equals 'True' 5. Add additional criteria if you only want the workflow rule evaluated under certain circumstances such as Case: Closed equals True, or Case: Status does not contain Closed. 6. Click Save & Next 7. Click Add Workflow Action and select New Field Update 8. Enter a name for the Field Update and then select the case field to update.




below is a Sample:


Workflow Rule Detail  
Rule Name Update Answers Trial Status field                Object Contact Active                Evaluation Criteria When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria Description


Update the Answers trial status field in the contact record when a trial expires, and notify Contact owner via email.


Rule Criteria (Contact: answers trial end date less than TODAY) and (Contact: answers trial status equals Active)  


Workflow Actions  

Immediate Workflow Actions: No workflow actions have been added.

Time-Dependent Workflow Actions:   0 Days After Contact: answers trial end date

Type Description Email Alert Answers trial completed notification

Field Update Change Answers Trial Status to Complete



Field Update Detail   Name  Change Answers Trial Status to Complete    

Unique Name  Change_Answers_Trial_Status_to_Complete    

Description  Change Answers Trial Status to Completed when the trial has expired

Object  Contact    

Field to Update  Contact: answers trial status

Field Data Type  Picklist New

Field Value  Completed 


Email Alert Detail  

Description  Answers trial completed notification             Email Template  Answers Trail Ended Notification

Unique Name Answers_trial_completed_notification             Object Contact

From Email Address  Current User's email address    

Recipients  Contact Owner Additional Emails   



Hope this example will help you in your problem :)




Asif Ahmed Khan


Sr. Software Engineer

Palmchip Pvt. Ltd.



Did you ever get a working solution for this? I am also looking for a similar solution.


The other response to you inquiry seems to speak to an inbound e-mail triggering some action, which I don't think is what you were asking... 




No, I have never received a workable solution to what seems to me to be a fairly glaring defect to this system and I have quit trying to use Salesforce to solve my problems.

I know this is old, but I figured I would respond to as as I know that the Spring '10 release not has the apex scheduler so you can use that to run apex code on a regular schedule.
Thanks, yes, ultimately I was able to use the Apex scheduling feature of Spring 10...

I'm glad you were able to get it up and running.  I am currently attempting to build the same thing and have hit the workflow rule issue of on create or edit only, not on static data.


I have virtually no programming experiece - and am not sure how to build the code for a contact object custom field.  Will you please share some insight on this process?