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Michael SMichael S 

Difference between SystemModstamp and LastModifiedDate

What is the difference between the SytemModStamp and LastModifiedDate fields.  Please give an example.

Michael S. Scherotter


Hello Michael S,

Where you a teacher in a former life?  Your post reads like a test question. 

Anyway, the difference between the 2 fields is that the SystemModStamp is updated during operations on other objects that result in an indirect modification to the particular record.  An example is when a Case is created and, due to assignment rules, the Case is assigned to a user or queue.  This results in a change in the OwnerId field which is an indirect modification to the object.  The LastModifiedDate is updated when a user has explicitly modified the record, that is why we can also set the LastModifiedById to the id of the user who made the modification.  The SystemModStamp gets updated when the LastModifiedDate is updated.  So the best field to use for the finest grain change detection is the SystemModStamp.


Hi there,


for a moment i thought the sys-modstamp could save me from beeing not able to trigger the partner/ or opportunity partner object. everytime a partner for an opportunity is created or changed, a custom object of projects (which are infact certain opportunities) should be updated (it was created on opportunity creation). As the trigger seems not to fire on indirect changes of the opp (as on partner creation/ modification) i wonder how i could accomplish this without doing it.


I could infact figure out different ways but they don't seem quite nice and bullet proof ...

Any ideas how to react on partner adds/ changes for an opp?


Regards, Johannes

Jerry HongJerry Hong

Thank you, valuable


"The sync is not working.  The problem is that the new sync user to SF (marketo@adapx.com) does not have access to the to access SystemModstamp field.  Please work with your sfdc admin to allow access to that field."


Tryying to sync between Marketo and SFDC!  Airo




 Is SystemModStamp updated when an object is deleted (moved to a recycle bin)?

I tried SELECT * FROM Contact WHERE SystemModStamp>{some past date) but my recently deleted records are not returned by this query (using RESTful API)