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how to check the parent id of a child object on using schema



I am using schema to retrive all the objects

i need to check the records of the child object for  the  specific master object



its like i need to check

for (sobject Parent: parentrecordList) {

   for(sobject child :childrecordlist) {

      if(----) // need to frame a condition such that only the child record of the current parent record should go into the loop






thanks in advance




Ex: X has related list A and B custom objects.


set<id> sId = new set<id>();
for(SobjectChild sc :{

map<Id, X> parentMap = new map<Id, X>([Select Id from X where Id IN: sId]);


for (A obja :{
if (parentMap.containskey(obja.A__c)){


here is the best way to do it, example for account and opportunity objects


trigger accountTrigger on Account (before delete, before insert, before update) {
     //This code efficiently queries all related Closed Lost and
     //Closed Won opportunities in a single query.
    List<Account> accountWithOpptys = [select id, name, (select id, name, closedate,
         stagename  from Opportunities  where accountId IN&nbsp;:Trigger.newMap.keySet()
         and  (StageName='Closed - Lost' or StageName = 'Closed - Won'))
         from Account where Id IN&nbsp;:Trigger.newMap.keySet()];
    //Loop through Accounts only once
    for(Account a&nbsp;: accountWithOpptys){
         //Loop through related Opportunities only once
         for(Opportunity o: a.Opportunities){
             if(o.StageName == 'Closed - Won'){
                 System.debug('Opportunity Closed some more logic here...');
             }else if(o.StageName =='Closed - Lost'){
                 System.debug('Opportunity Closed some more logic here...');