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Field Accessibility

Hi All

Little Bit of a trouble here for me.Any help is greatly appreciated.Thanks

I have a Master Detail between Project-Transaction custom objects.And i have a profile named DF (bottom most at role heirarchy).So the requirement here is DF profile should not be able to see any transactions that are made above them but they should be able to see all the projects as projects(lookup) is a required field to create a new Transaction so that they get paid.

But when i make projects as private with role heirarchy and remove the view and modify  all permissions on DF profile, they are not able to search for projects in lookup as its private.

So how can i achieve this functionality.
Thanks for all the help.





I believe you want to restrict access to one object than with other, which is having a Master-Detail relation.


This is not achievable as the detail record inherits the sharing and security settings of its master record.


Please let me know your thoughts.



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