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Sharing setting



I guess that i'm missing something about sharing settings but i can't find why it doesn't work.

I set a sharing setting on my campaign object to allow my Salesman to add leads to a campaign created by  their manager.


So i created my sharing rules with the setthings below:


Campaign: owned by members of    Role: B2B Manager
Share with                                               Role: B2B Agent
Campaign Access: Read/Write


but my user still can't see the button to add a lead to the campaign.


Does anyone can help me?


Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

Hi Antonyas,


Check your User Profile has Create permission for Campaign object. If the Profile has Create permission for Campaign object then the  "Add to Campaign" button appears in the page layout.


Madhan Raja M


First check whether you Profile has READ/WRITE permission on CAmpaign object .


ALso check your role in role hierarchy .If your role is not any of the above mentioned role you may not be able to read it.