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Insufficient preveilege Error when clicking Submit button in a VF page


I am facing a problem while trying to run a VF page which has some input fields and submit will insert data in an object.
While clicking submit, it is showing

Insufficient previlege Error.

But I have checked VF page, Class, Object all have field level security arrangment proper.
Also Profile level setting is ok.
So what can be other reason for it.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

Are you testing with System Administrator or Custom profile? If your using Custom profile then Enable all the Visualforce page Access in the profile. Enable Apex Class Access if you are using Apex code (Class or Trigger).




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Madhan Raja M


Thanks for you reply.

I am working with system admin profile. And I have checked access of class,page,object, fields are already ok.

Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

If your using System Administrator profile then you should not get this error. What kind of input fields are you using in VF page?


Madhan Raja M