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Transfer of developer force account information

Hi Guys,


I'm hoping that this reaches our board admin team. My current developer.force.com account is tied up with phildennison.fang@training11.com. Unfortunately, that org has expired and I can't login to our developer board using other devices as I'm just lucky enough to have this session cached by a browser in another computer, which is why I'm able to post this. I need to have my developer force account transferred to maximumedge@gmail.com. How is this done and any help on this would be appreciated!


Only thing I could think of is - try to contact the SF support directly. But, I am not sure how much of a help they can be as its a DEV org. 

WIsh u luck though..


Let me know how it goes.. 


Hi T-Han,


Great day!


As requested, I would just like to share my experience so that this might help our fellow forumers in the future. 


My main problem was my first forums account was associated to a Salesforce org that suddenly got expired so I wasn't able to log back with it. This was as an issue and might cause subsequent issues for those maintaining certain things for their accounts, post count, etc. Since logging in with the first account was a problem, I had to create another developer board account. I tried reaching out to people, SF support and with the aid of guys like