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Updating Case Status based on a formula field.

Hi ,


   I have a formula field called opportunity stage in the case object. When this case opportunity stage(which is a formula)  goes to Closed/Won the case status(which is a picklist) should go to Resolved.

  I am trying the following trigger. But it displays error when i save the case record. Please help!



trigger updatecasestatus1 on case (before insert, before update) {
List<case> casetobeupdated = new List<case>();
for(case c : Trigger.new){
if(c.Opportunity_Stage__c == 'Closed/Won')

c.status = 'Resolved';

if(casetobeupdated != null && !casetobeupdated.isEmpty())
update casetobeupdated;



Ker Vin.ax1237Ker Vin.ax1237

It would be easier if you provided the actual error message, you know.


Anyway, for this scenario, wouldn't it be more straight forward to use a workflow and field update? I tend to try to reduce actual APEX coding - coding is a last resort