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Salesforce native live agent, gettting popup issue when ppcikign data dynamically from a form



i am using Salesforce native Live Agent feature. My requirement is to load the live agen ton a form and let user fill the form. When the user clicks on chat the live agent should launch and the filled form details should be send to live agent.


I have tried to send the soem dummy data to live agent and I am succesful in doing so as I use "addCustomDetail" before the init in teh page loads itself. however when ever I try to do it thorugh a function call ie when  the user clicks on the live agent button i call afn which has the "addCustomDetail" and init method i get a pop up blocker from the browser.


Can anyone suggest me a way of dymanically picking data from form without running into pops.


Appreciate the help.





Hi Sachin and to everyone,


Did you find a solution to your problem ?