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sf Logos

Are there any salesforce.com logos or graphics that are allowed to be incorporated into a 3rd party ap (i.e. image for graphical buttons, etc.)



Good question - let me look into that for you.
mike kreadenmike kreaden

Alliance partners have a selection of approved logos that can be incorporated into their content (web or otherwise).  If you are talking about reuse of the icons used in our application, there is no official sanctioning of that.

That being said, use better judgment if you repurpose our icons/graphics.  Blatant exploitation of our look and feel will likely result in (the very least) bad karma.  Tastefully done, this is something that can provide your users with a seamless UI for the integrated solution.  A good example of "doing this right" is how Widgety software reused some of our graphics for VIPMail.

Best advice is to fly this by someone on the sforce team before you go to market.  If this is only for internal consumption, there should be no concern.