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Custom Objects basics

Greetings all,

I was curious if I'm just missing something, but I couldn't find anything about this in the docs.  Could someone step me through creating custom objects in SForce4.0?  I looked in the resources section, and maybe I'm just looking with my eyes closed again, but I didn't find anything that was, say "Custom Objects 101". 

My question boils down to, how do we create a custom object and, in doing that, do we create a new table in the SForce database to populate via the web service API?

Thanks in advance,



Hi efletcher,

To create custom objects you need to use the salesforce.com application.  It is under the setup area and there is extensive help in the app to get you going.





Thanks for the reply, right after I posted my message I found the setup you mentioned.  I was just looking in the wrong place!

Thanks again,


Is there a way to create custom fioelds or objects from the API?
You can create instances of custom objects via the API (just like any other object), but you cannot define custom objects/fields via the API