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Trouble creating OpportunityShare

I have an s-control that as part of it's processing add's a couple of OpportunityShare objects for an Opportunity. While testing, everything seemed to be working fine, but when we pushed it out for general use, it fails when creating the OpportunityShares. Further research shows that when logging in as one of our "Normal" users the OpportunityShare object does not appear to be available through the API (evidenced by the fact that it does not appear in the object tree in sforce explorer when logged in as that user. Logged in as myself (an administrator) I can see the object.

Are there any restrictions that I am not aware of for creating objects of type OpportunityShare through the API?


Todd Breiholz
Meredith Corporation
It's only available to admins in the API today. Please log a feature request for making it available to all users, and provide some info on your use case.

Thank you.