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Invoking call outs from salesforce


I am trying to making some call outs from salesforce.I am new to this.Can some1 guide me??


I hope i am on correct way.My Use case is:

I am doing integration with a tool which is a bug tracking tool.

So when ever a case is created in salesforce and some conditions are met..It will create a issue/record  in my tool.

This is the use case.So for this i need to make some callouts from apex..which calls my tool and logins inside and creates a record.(This is my understanding not sure if i am correct)

Please correct me if i am wrong.




Hi Ramesh,


This should be possible by using Workflo Outbound messaging service:



With this service you can send a SOAP message to your third party bug tracking tool - this message will be triggered when the workflow conditions are met and workflow is triggered.


Hope this helps!