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SAlesforce integration with M-files,Vana,Chromeriver



Anybody suggest me the best possible ways to integrate with M-files http://www.m-files.com/en/

http://www.chromeriver.com/,Active directory.


In salesforce Vana is deployed from app exchange so these custom objects are only prest in salesforce there is no data.


What I need to give M-files if I give a Partner WSDL to them they will build the code to reach salesforce and insert data?


How the media files, videos, pdfs,word docs and so on to be pushed from M-files to salesforce?






Reading your requirement I understand that you wish to get data from third party tool M-files ..right?

This tool should be able to access your SF ORG and create records?


If yes, then WSDL is the correct way to proceed as it will open your ORG access to this third party.


CAn you let me know what is the best approach for integrating media files pdf,videosetc and why?


DO u know integration with Active directory or any source study that I can get to read?




Hi K_Dev,


Salesforce can be integrating by using either REST or SOAP API - it completely depends on the use case and what all you would like to do with this integration - The following link defines the difference between the APIs salesforce has and their advantages and usage.


Kindly go through it:



Following links also talk about AD integration with Salesforce: