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REST API Authentication - OAuth or Session ID

Hi guys,


I don't wanna use OAuth for authentication. Let's say I haven't a client id and a client secret information to use OAuth...and I just want to ues the REST API from my Mozilla REST Client or soapUI to connect to my account and to create a conversation, or to take the list of friends I have in my account. I know my username and password. Is this possible?




If I am using OAuth, where can I find the clien_id and client_secret for me? As in settings and profile are not there...can you help?


Now I progressed...but I don't know where to resgiter my link to get client_id and client_secret




You have to first add your app/client as a connected app.

Goto : Create ->Apps->Connected App ->new.


Register your app here and you will get the clientId and Client Secret which is displayed as Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.


Hope this helps!!