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Change Case status after sending an email with the solution to the client

I would like to change the Case status to "Solution provided" after sending it to the client through an email. I was thinking about adding a new button "Send solution" that opens the standard email page with the Solution template selected so the user only had to click "Send" button. This is no problem, but how can I capture that the user finally clicks the send button and not cancel the action? What I can't find is the way to redirect the user to my scontrol so I can put the right status, because, as far as I know, there is no trigger I can capture.
Yes, I know that I could show my own email page done with an scontrol, but I'm using Email2Case, and I think that a lot of tasks have to be done after sending the email: create the EmailMessage object, the task related to that EmailMessage,...
Any good idea will be welcome.
You can make a workflow to do this.  Just make a workflow rule on Email Message, and set the criteria such that Is Incoming = False.  That way any outgoing email from the case will automatically set the status.

Alternately you can make a custom button on case to do this, but yes, as you've discovered, you can't change the Email page.

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I have a question for you that I have not yet been able to seek out on the boards.  


I am trying to do a myriad of things here as the new admin for our salesforce.com org.  One is make our sales team happy with allowing them the ability to not have to generate a case just to send a solution.  We still want them to be tied to cases though.  We were hoping some way that we could set it up with a one click of a button sort of automated way that it would send the solution, and generate the case and of course on those it would close automatically.


Is that doable?  Even feasible?


Hopefully you will not mind answering.


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That is doable.  You'd probably want to do it by creating a custom button which calls a Visualforce page which asks for a small amount of info.


It's not that hard, really, if you break it down.  It would probably be a custom button on Solution which:


1.  Goes to a Visualforce page which asks who the contact is to create the case against

2.  Creates the case,

3.  Attaches the solution,

4.  Sends the email.


Not that hard really, although you'll definitely want to peruse the Apex docs to learn how to do it if you're not already familiar with Apex.


If you are coming to Dreamforce, sit in on some of the Apex sessions, and come to the Roundtable With The Service Cloud Pros session :).